2020-2021 Season Virtual Tryout

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2020-2021 Tryout Statement:

The Boston Hockey Academy will be gathering and breaking down game film as well as fielding Player interviews , reading resumes and coaches recommendations over the next two weeks. Due to the effect of Covid 19 we will be building our Elite Level National Bound Tier 1 Teams based on the hundreds of games the staff has seen as well as game film and resumes. Our staff is excited to spend the next two weeks evaluating our future Student Athletes. Boston Hockey Academy will be competing for a Tier 1 National Bid at the U18-U16-U15 Levels.


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Player Self Assessment

To help guide our conversation, we are asking for a player self assessment. These questions should be answered in relation to your child vs. the other players on his team and in the league he's competing in. These answers are to help guide conversation and have no impact on team placement.
These are general guidelines for discussion to help see what type of team your child would succeed on. These are not hard and fast rules but typical of the average make-up of players on these teams. Some players are rostered with a team but serve as alternates on an upper team.